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14 October 2025 @ 04:15 pm

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17 July 2010 @ 06:04 pm
...well not really but I just wanted to update this. :D

Time started: 4:32PM
Full Name: Jorfe L. Living Room
Single or Taken: Taken
Sex: Male
Birthday: January 2nd, 1989
Siblings: One brother
Eye color: Brown
Shoe size: Er...11ish?
Height: 6'00" at least
What are you wearing right now: Black shirt, blue jeans, no socks. :D
Where do you live: North Carolina
Righty or lefty: Righty


Who are your closest friends: Christina, Yas
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Girlfriend!


Favorite place to shop?: Book stores
Favorite kind of ice cream: Mint!
Sport(s): Football (soccer)
Fast-food place: None in particular
Month: January and May
Movie: Attack the Gas Station 2
Juice: Orange
Finger: Index!
Breakfast: Pancakes :D
Favorite cartoon character: Porky pig!

Have you ever...

Bungee jumped: No! And never will!
Made yourself throw-up: Nope
Eaten a dog: No sir. :D
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: No
Loved someone so much it made you cry: In a good way, yes!
Broken a bone: Nope, take THAT karma! (still!)
Played truth or dare: Of course
Been in a physical fight: Used to be my favorite sport
Been in a police car: I was young and stupid!
Been on a plane: Three times (can you tell I really don't like heights?) (still!)
Come close to dying: Plenty of times
Been in a hot tub: Once
Swam in the ocean: Yes and it was amazing
Fallen asleep in school: More than once
Ran away: Never
Broken someone's heart: Quite sure I have
Cried when someone died: Nope
Cried in school: Heck yeah!
Fell off your chair: Happened just a few hours ago. :D
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: Nope
Saved e-mails: Yup
Made out with JUST a friend: Er, no
Used someone: Not really
Been cheated on: Not in the most technical sense

What is...

Your good luck charm: I have two! A stuffed moose and a very special watch. <3
Best song you ever heard: Probably changes on a daily basis
Stupidest thing you have ever done?: I once threw a rock at a police car and waited quietly for him to drive around a fence to yell at me. :D
What's your room like: Small and jawsome
Last thing you said: "Shelby, get off me"
Best thing that has happened to you this year: Well I got this precious watch, had a very nice anniersary, the best birthday so far, lots of things!
Worst thing that has happened to you this year?: Hmm, probably my mom's near-death experience in reaction to a medicine that left her hospitalized for a few days.

Have You Ever Had...

Chicken pox: Yes!
Sore throat: Of course
Stitches: Nope

Do You...

Believe in love at first sight: Sor...ta
Like picnics: Not really.
Like your work: I am a bum. :D
What schools have you gone to: Too many to name!
Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000: Probably. D:
If you were stuck on a deserted island for the rest of your life what would you miss the most: Christina!
Who was the last person that called you: Yas
Who was the last person you slow danced with: Shelby!
Who makes you laugh the most: Myself, of course
Who makes you smile: Hmm, the love of my life. :D
Who was the last person you kissed: Shelby!
You yelled at: Your face. ...I have no clue.
Who told you they loved you: My mother. :D
Is your loudest friend: Kura definitely

Do you / Are you...

Do you like filling these out: When I have nothing else to do
Do you wear contacts or glasses: No, definitely need them
Do you like yourself: Who wouldn't like me? Of course!
Do you get along with your family: Somewhat well
Stolen anything: When I was young!
Obsessive: Probably
Anorexic: Nope
Bored: Not so much these days

Random questions...

What are you listening to right now?: The sound of an empty water bottle blowing out air
What did you do yesterday: Wrote a lot
Do you hate anyone in your family: I have a begrudging resentment for certain members, yeah, nothing wrong with that...I think (still the same!)
Have you ever gotten any awards: None that mattered
What car do you wish to have: I'd love a Honda Element. :D
Where do you want to get married: :D
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be: Pretty groovy with myself
Good driver: Not really
Good singer: Heck no, but I'd make an awesome voice actor! (still true!)
Have a lava lamp: Nope
How many remote controls are in your house: Three
Are you double jointed: No
What do you dream about: Many things
Last time you showered: This morning
Last time you took a bath: Nooo idea
The last movie you saw at the theatres: The Last Airbender
Scary or happy movies: They're both good
Black or white: Either
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: Dr. Pepper
Mud or Jell-O wrestling: ...no idea
Vanilla or chocolate: Depends on my mood
Skiing or boarding: I'd probably be horrible at both, but boarding sounds kinda fun
Autumn or winter: Winter
Silver or gold: Silver!
Diamond or pearl: Dooon't really care
Sunset or sunrise: Sunset
Sprite or 7up: Sprite!
Coffee or tea: Coffee, most definitely
Phone or in person: Depends
Are you oldest, middle, or youngest: Youngest~
Indoors or outdoors: Depends on my weather and mood
End time: 4:55 PM
31 December 2007 @ 08:23 pm
Long story short, I got sick, really sick. Had to go to the hospital after being sick for nearly a week, so now I have to spend the rest of the night in bed. So much for spending it online like I've done for the last few years. Happy new year to everyone then! 
14 December 2007 @ 06:16 pm
Sooo...guess I will be doing cards this year. Haven't done that since 2005, yay. Last time I got a card from anyone it ended up being...pink and glittery, so I think I'll avoid anything of the sort this year. You may not get your card before Christmas, but you'll get one. XD; Screening all comments as this is a public post and stuff.
30 November 2007 @ 06:14 pm
Yay! I just got a call back from one of the places that I had an interview with last week. I was getting a little nervous because no one had called me, but I got the job, which is beyond awesome. I can actually work at a place that I like now!

And in other jorfe-related news, Amazing, the newest single from HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, my favorite band, had a PV release yesterday. Now that is, without a doubt, my favorite PV I've seen from the group in a long, long time. The song is nowhere near as pop that I thought the preview made it seem like. It's not as hard as some of their other songs, but it's definitely catchy and captured the band's style better than a lot of their recent singles, which is something I love about this group, they have an awesome stage presence, especially Yuusuke, this guy goes nuts during their live shows. 
Current Music: Amazing - HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR
25 October 2007 @ 07:19 pm
So, I was bored, made me a sandwich, then I randomly look on the package to read it, because we all read the back of peanut butter jars when we're bored...and I randomly come across something called "rape seed".

15 October 2007 @ 05:18 pm
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20 September 2007 @ 08:16 am
One not so fine August 14th, I went out for a walk. It was kind of late and I knew I shouldn't have been out, but when have I ever cared about dangers in my neck of the woods? Some guys started following me at some point during the night, took me a while to notice it too. After I noticed it, I tried to lose them, but they kept following me. Not wanting to show them where I lived, I kept walking on. Next thing I know, I've got a very sharp pain in the back of my head and pass out. I wake up in a dark room with what seems like doctors, I'm all "wha fuck?" before they gave me sleeping gas. Next thing I know, I've lost my memory and have become a super soldier for an evil international organization, killing, kidnapping, extorting people for money, the usual, is what makes up most of the next few weeks. One day, by chance, I'm hit on the head again, and once again I wake up going "wha fuck?" and it seems I have my memory back. So being the awesome guy that I am, I make it my life's quest to topple this evil organization. That took about four days or so. After that, I fought around Europe as an emissary of justice and all that good stuff before I found my way back to the 'net and remembered that I missed my friends and that one person I like a lot.

Hai people. :D